Search Results and Social Media

When Banksia Design creates your website, we include a range of structural and content features that help the site rank well with search engines like Google. It's a solid foundation that is an integral part of our design package and incurs no additional cost or monthly fees. How to best ensure favourable search results — or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it's known — is considered during all aspects of development. Just another benefit of using our design services!

Move Up in Google Search Results!

You may have an existing site, however, that is not ranking as well as you'd like with search engines. To help you rank better, we offer a website overhaul that addresses the structure and content of your site to assist you in moving up in search results. We can improve your ranking, demonstrated with before and after analysis.

Social Media

Social media is not only an essential part of communication with your customers, it is now cruicial to how search engines rank your business. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog providers are free services that can not only engage your customers, but also raise your online profile. Google visits social media sites and regular activity on one or more of these platforms can positively influence search result rankings.

So, no matter what size your business is, it’s more important than ever that your customers can find you on the Internet in a variety of ways, and that you use at least one form of social media to reach out and connect with your clients. Well-known social media platforms include:

We can establish your business on a variety of social media sites, as well as guiding you in their use. We can also update and moderate social media pages on your behalf for a reasonable monthly fee.